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About Us - Our Instructors

Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Certified Kummooyeh Instructor
Master Samuel Morris

Master Samuel Morris shares over a decade of traditional Tae Kwon Do training with you. He founded this dojang on the principles of power (to change to life for the better), strength (to face the challenges of life), and health (living to your fullest). He believes that no one is too old or out of shape to begin a path to a full and rich life.

Tae Kwon Do Instructor
USAT Referee
Master Craig Stephens

Master Craig Stephens began a martial arts path by studying karate while in the U.S. Navy. He later was recruited as a student by Master Samuel and now holds the rank of 4th Dan Black Belt. When not assisting others on their path to power, health and strength, Master Stephens works as a certified USA Tae Kwon Do Referee.